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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an effective treatment for a diverse range of mental health challenges. Consisting of one-on-one sessions with an experienced therapist, individual therapy encompasses a variety of styles and methodologies that can be adapted to the specific individual to find the best approach.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a service for two people in a romantic relationship. At Relationship Connect, we have therapists who specialise in this area and can help Holland Park couples to navigate conflict, better understand their connection, and generally be more satisfied with their relationship.

Counselling for Holland Park Residents


If you’re experiencing difficulties or looking to make a change in your life, face-to-face counselling can be a great place to start. Book an appointment with one of our therapists at our Carindale site, located only 10 minutes from Holland Park.


Online therapy can be a great way to get the support you need in a way that works with your schedule. Our online therapists are fully qualified and highly experienced, guaranteeing you a comprehensive therapeutic experience.

Tailored to your needs

We provide relationship counselling in Holland Park for all types of couples.

Treatment Specialties in Holland Park

Anxiety & Overthinking

Given the rapidly changing environment that we live in, it’s no surprise that many people experience feelings of anxiety. Constant worrying, nervousness or fear of your current situation or future events may indicate a broader issue. Our therapists employ evidence-based methodologies to help you manage your thoughts and develop methods to help you cope with the pressure of life.

Depression - diagnosed or not

Depression is a mental helath illness that can be detrimental to all aspects of one’s life. Characterised by symptoms such as extreme fatigue, lack of motivation, and extended feelings of despair and hopelessness, depression can be effectively treated. At Relationship Connect, we utilise a range of evidence-based methodologies to help you to improve your life satisfaction.

Relationship & Divorce Counselling Holland Park

Relationships can be difficult, especially when they come to an end. Relationship or divorce counselling can be an effective way to manage and navigate tension, helping both parties to express emotion in a safe, productive space.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse

We all have a right to respect, freedom and dignity. If you feel as though a partner or ex-partner has violated these rights, it can be difficult to process. Our therapists are trained to provide support and guidance in a sensitive manner to anyone in this situation. We are here to listen and guarantee complete confidentiality.

Marriage Counselling Holland Park

All marriages have their challenges. If you and your partner are finding it difficult to navigate certain obstacles, marriage counselling can be a useful tool to help you both get on the same page. You will be able to discuss your situation and the way you are feeling in a safe space, being guided by a professional to re-align your goals as a couple.

Personal Development

Perosnal development is a worthy investment for anybody looking to grow as an individual. If you are committed to ongoing development and living a fulfilled life, personal development counselling is a highly effective way to establish clarity around your goals and maintain motivation.

Counselling Fees

We recommend that the first one or two sessions are longer sessions

Single Sessions (Face to Face)

55 Minutes Regular Session $115

1hr 25mins Extended Session (1st Session) $155

Single Sessions (Online)

55 mins Online Counselling 55 $95

1hr 25mins Online Counselling 85 $130

 Packages (Face to Face)

1 + 4 Results! Package 1 Extended + 4 Regular Sessions $580

1 + 7 Results! Package1 Extended + 7 Regular Sessions $880

Our Counsellors


Ana has Bachelor in Psychology (with Honours) and she is in the final year of Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Ana is experienced in supporting adolescents and adult clients to successfully journey through their emotional pains caused by either internal or interpersonal challenges. 

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Gabriela gained her Bachelor of Counselling degree followed by a Master of Adult and Continuing Education in Europe. She is currently in her second year of a PhD program at the University of Queensland. She is interested in mindfulness, (self-)compassion and loving-kindness practices, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

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Ana has Bachelor in Psychology (with Honours) and she is in the final year of Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Ana is experienced in supporting adolescents and adult clients to successfully journey through their emotional pains caused by either internal or interpersonal challenges. Ana is passionate about empowering her clients in finding their strengths and paths to achieving their goals.

Ana practices compassionate person-centred therapy and builds powerful therapeutic alliance with her clients. She explores and effectively integrates various evidence-based psychological interventions when tailoring an approach for each client.

Ana is currently in internationally certified training for couples therapy and uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy in her work.

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